Staging to Sell

What does staging to sell look like?

Should I stage to sell? The answer to that will depend on market conditions, how much time you have, and your location. We often see vacant city homes and flips doing a full staging where they bring in furniture to highlight the main features of high impact rooms. However, where I mostly work in the Blue Bell suburban area, we will work with your own furniture. The number one thing I suggest is to declutter. What that means is pre-packing anything you don't need in the home. If it's winter, I'll have my clients start to pack all of their summer belongings so that their closets instantly appear larger. Donate anything you do not plan on moving and get it out of the home to free up space. Once we have those two goals accomplished, it's easier to move furniture around to enhance the room's space, or update older furniture with new throw pillows and accessories. Often I am able to work with the items you already own and just bring in a few extras! 

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