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Is Blue Bell a Good Place for Remote Workers to Live?

Is Blue Bell a Good Place for Remote Workers to Live?

The pandemic has created a lot of lifestyle changes, including a collective switch to remote work. As a result, many remote workers are looking to move to smaller, quieter towns away from the city. 
Blue Bell seems like an ideal location, but is it a suitable place for remote workers? Let’s find out. 

A Tight-Knit Community

One of the primary reasons why people are fleeing to small towns is to enjoy the small-town feel of a tight-knit community. Living in the city has its advantages, but it can also be loud, crowded, and lonely. 
With a population of just 6,290 people, Blue Bell is the perfect place where you can get to know your neighbors, know who your child is playing with, and say hello to every single person you run into on the street. 
For remote workers who feel isolated and lonely alone at home all day, it’s the perfect community to make them feel welcome and included. Small town communities feel like a big family. 

Big City Amenities with Small Town Charm

It’s important for someone who works from home to have everything they need, but that can often be difficult in a smaller town. But just because Blue Bell is small, it doesn’t mean it lacks big city amenities and advantages. 
In Blue Bell, remote workers will enjoy small, cozy laptop-friendly cafes, family restaurants where they can get a bite to eat, and will never have to worry about not getting enough bandwidth
If you want to get away from home, but don’t want the chatter of a coffee shop, the local library is also a perfect place to get some work done and enjoy some peace and quiet among books. 

A Nature-Loving Lifestyle

An issue that comes up a lot for remote workers is the lack of work-life balance and separation. When you live and work in the same apartment, it’s difficult to get away from your work. But in a place that’s surrounded by nature, it’s much easier to just step outside into the sun and feel the grass beneath your feet.
And with so many parks and open natural space, there is no limit to the outdoor activities you can enjoy here. From daily afternoon walks to hiking, running, or even mountain biking, it’s a great place to balance out the many hours spent in front of a computer screen. 

Large, Beautiful Homes

One of the major real estate trends we’ve been observing over the last year has been the increased demand for larger homes. People are sick of their tiny apartments, and after spending so much time in a confined space, everyone wants a bigger home, especially if you work from home. 
Blue Bell is home to many gorgeous properties that are perfect for a growing family or just someone who is looking for enough space to house all the different aspects of their lives. A large home can include a dedicated home office, a home gym, and guest bedrooms for friends and family. 
It’s extremely important to have a physical separation between these spaces in order to promote great mental health and overall well-being, so a move to a suburban community can be just what the doctor ordered for a remote worker.

Final Thoughts

Small town life is not for everyone, but it has some significant advantages that cannot be overlooked. Remote workers have a unique set of needs that can be met in a small community like Blue Bell.
Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet, a larger home, or proximity to nature, this tight-knit community may just be the answer to all your needs. 

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